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    How will you get gorgeous in 2018? There’s a lot of novelty on the horizon, as well as some classic revivals. Perennial black eyeliner is present, of course, but this time it’s thicker than ever, and set off by gold highlighter, glittery glosses, and metallic sheen. Want a more dramatic alternative? Swap black eyeliner for shocking white. There’s plenty of innovation going on in the world of skincare and hair styling, too

    1. Oil cleansers
    Today’s perfectly formulated oil cleansers soak up dirt and makeup whilst leaving skin clean and smooth, without being at all greasy.

    2. Dermarollers
    Facial rollers or Dermarollers (to use a brand name) have grown in popularity due to their ability to increase collagen production by forcing the skin to rejuvenate after it’s tricked into believing it has been damaged by hundreds of tiny needles.

    3. Bright & metallic eyeshadows
    The latest eyeshadows are all about primary colors: lime green, peacock blue, and lemon yellow.

    4. Heavy black liner
    Seriously thick black eyeliner is taking a dramatic turn this year.

    5. Ultra highlighters
    The latest trend, though, is to make the highlighter itself a feature of your makeup look.

    6. Primary colored hair
    Hair dye companies have perfected their palettes and are offering brighter Crayon-box shades that have serious staying power.

    7. Wet look hair
    Slicked back and sleek hair is now officially a thing. It’s an easy look to achieve with short to medium hair, providing you have the right products.

    8. Jade rollers
    Minimising facial puffiness, draining lymph glands, stimulating blood flow and maximizing the penetration of any serums or skincare products you apply.

    9. Crystal based skincare
    From reducing inflammation and brightening the skin to providing some spiritual balance and protection, crystal based skincare works a lot harder than your usual skin cream.

    10. Eyelash serums
    Natural brands started working with organic and plant-based ingredients to provide serums that could make the lashes grow.

    11. All in one beauty kits
    To save time and hassles, more women are selecting curated all in one beauty kits, which are often created by top makeup artists and which come with online tutorials on how to use them.

    12. Organic glitter
    Organic glitter is growing in popularity. Made from natural minerals, it’s better for you and better for the planet.

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