• Bridal Services

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    Perfect Hair...Perfect Makeup...Perfect Day...


    I have had the pleasure to work with all sorts of brides, but over the years I’ve developed a real passion for working with older brides and those who are walking down the aisle a second time. Every bride should look and feel her very best! Let me handle the hair and makeup so that you can enjoy your special day worry-free!

    Consider the following before your big day:

    • Will your wedding be outside?
    • Will it be humid?
    • What is the design of your dress? Consider the neckline, fabric and general style
    • Will hair and makeup be done onsite or in a salon?  Will you require periodic touch-ups?

    You have a vision of yourself on your big day...Let me help create and maintain it!

  • Bridal Service Price
    Bridal Consult (includes trial run) $80-$100
    Wedding Day Hair for the Bride $100 - $200
    Wedding Day Hair for the Bridal Party $75/person
    Wedding Day Makeup for the Bride $100
    Wedding Day Makeup for the Bridal Party $75/person
  • The above pricing is for in-salon services. If you prefer on-site services, additional charges will apply (Sunday, holiday and travel). Schedule a consultation for pricing.

    Experience has shown that bridal hair and makeup is much better for both, the bridal party and me, when done in my salon. The salon ensures that we will have access to the best products and lighting.  Feel free to bring champagne and snacks. I’ll handle the rest so you can relax!

    A credit card will be held on file, and a two-week cancellation notice is the required policy. Inquire for details.


    It’s a busy, busy world, and like you, I’ve got a schedule to keep, as well as other clients wanting service.  If you can’t make an appointment; be a doll or a gentleman, and give me at least 48 hours’ notice, please. Anything less than a 24 hour notice for a cancellation is challenging to fill, so the same charges as no shows will apply.

    No shows are a no go!  That’s just common courtesy… wouldn’t you agree? This is my livelihood and if you don’t show up, I can’t fill that space, and my bill paying power is compromised! If you no show and don’t call, I’ll need a credit card before scheduling your next appointment. You will be charged half of your appointment cost for 1st time offenses, and any future missed appointments will need to be paid in full.