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    Did you know that the simplest things you do can have an impact on the condition of your hair? Such is the case when dealing with oily hair. If you are looking for ways to address this common hair issue, you need to get to the roots and causes of oily hair so you can fix them.

    Constant Fiddling With Your Hair
    Do you like to touch your hair with your hands so much? You need to break that habit. Your hands produce oil and touching your hair using your hands can facilitate in that transfer of oil.

    Product Buildup
    This is not just about products that are known to weigh down your hair. Any styling product you use can leave behind residues that weigh down your hair and make it look oily.

    Not Cleaning Your Hairbrush
    This is something that you are probably guilty of. But did you know that dirty hair brushes are one of the leading causes of oily hair? Hence, it is a good practice to wash your brush regularly.

    Incorrect Use of Products
    Matching the right product to your hair is important beyond seeing the effects that it promises to bring to your hair. When you use the wrong products for your hair type, it is one of the causes of oily hair.

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