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    How will you get gorgeous in 2018? There’s a lot of novelty on the horizon, as well as some classic revivals. Perennial black eyeliner is present, of course, but this time it’s thicker than ever, and set off by gold highlighter, glittery glosses and metallic sheen. Want a more dramatic alternative? Swap black eyeliner for shocking white.

    There’s plenty of innovation going on in the world of skincare and hair styling, too. So without further ado, here’s the forecast for our clean beauty trends for the year, predicted from runway trends, Instagram influencers and Pinterest, as well.

    1. Oil cleansers
    Once upon a time, we washed our faces with soap, stripping off all natural oils and causing serious dryness. This was then followed by a toner to remove ‘last traces’ of grime, and a cream to replenish lost hydration that only the best facial moisturizers could replace. Well, no more. Today’s perfectly formulated oil cleansers soak up dirt and makeup whilst leaving skin clean and smooth, without being at all greasy. Look for cleansers with exotic ingredients like Camu Camu, Moringa or Damask Rose Oil, depending on your skin type.

    2. Dermarollers
    They look really ‘ouchy’, and that’s because they are. But facial rollers, or Dermarollers (to use a brand name) have grown in popularity due to their ability to increase collagen production by forcing the skin to rejuvenate after it’s tricked into believing it has been damaged by hundreds of tiny needles. They do actually damage your skin a tiny bit, but only enough to repair small wrinkles, discolouration and scars. Basically, you’re using the natural regenerative powers of your own skin cells to get a brighter complexion.

    3. Bright & metallic eye shadows
    Muted nudes are so 2016! The latest eye shadows are all about primary colours: lime green, peacock blue and lemon yellow, for example. Don’t be afraid to play with colour – just ensure the shade you use isn’t derived from the toxic chemical ingredients used in most department store brands. After all, this stuff could get into your eyes!

    4. Heavy black liner
    Seriously thick black eyeliner is taking a dramatic turn this year, thanks to a trend seen on the runway of Marc Jacobs and a handful of other designers. Get the look by taking an all natural liquid liner pen. Use the flat side of the pen to trace a thick around both lash lines, then wing it out at a dramatic angle, or create more daring graphic shapes with it. In fact, do anything beyond tracing a thin line above your lashes and calling it a day!

    5. Ultra highlighters
    Highlighters are nothing new – they’ve been used as part of adding contour to the face by makeup artists and experts for years. But until now, we tried to use these in a subtle way, blending them in to simply highlight a feature we love. The latest trend, though, is to make the highlighter itself a feature of your makeup look.

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