• Color


    Lots of people color their hair at home. I have clients that maintain regrowth every 2-4 weeks this way. Pssssst... there is a way to do it so that your hair still looks good!!! Many very smart people seem to go dumb and choose a color by looking at the picture on the box, which is pretty much a guarantee that your hair won't look like that picture when you are done! Knowing what to use and following package instructions is key! Need help? I'd be happy to give you a lesson and assist with maintenance every few months!

  • Rates

    Treatment Price
    Single Process $70-$90
    Highlights $65-$135
    Ombre-Color blocking-Balayage $150-$250
    Deep Conditioning $20-$30
    Infrared Infusion for Deep Repair $25-$100
    At Home Coloring Consultation (30 mins) $50
    Corrective Schedule Consultation

    It’s a busy, busy world, and like you, I’ve got a schedule to keep, as well as other clients wanting service.  If you can’t make an appointment; be a doll or a gentleman, and give me at least 48 hours’ notice, please. Anything less than a 24 hour notice for a cancellation is challenging to fill, so the same charges as no shows will apply.

    No shows are a no go!  That’s just common courtesy… wouldn’t you agree? This is my livelihood and if you don’t show up, I can’t fill that space, and my bill paying power is compromised! If you no show and don’t call, I’ll need a credit card before scheduling your next appointment. You will be charged half of your appointment cost for 1st time offenses, and any future missed appointments will need to be paid in full.