• Consulting

  • Barbara has spend many years doing cosmetic consulting with people just like you and me on the amount of products we have, possible interactions of those products and how we can clean out some of those products.

  • Get with the Guru

    Bottles, Bottles Everywhere! Your Grooming Guru can help to make sense of them all. Get your beauty product questions answered, and learn time saving, cost cutting, strategies that will help you create and maintain a polished look. 

    I'll meet with you, either at the salon or in the comfort of your home, to discuss your specific hair, makeup, and skincare needs. Together we will sort through the myriad of hair, skin, and makeup products you already have. Based upon your lifestyle, we can clear out the clutter that isn't right for you and put together simple prescriptions for applying the products we’ve kept. We will put together a list of products you may want to supplement and where you can find them. If you like, we can even go shopping! It's a great opportunity to learn about the different products available, and it can help you to make quicker, easier choices in the future.

  • Beauty Parties and Group Education

    Group Size Price
    1-3 Party Goers $60 each
    4-6 Party Goers $35 each
    7 or more Party Goers $25 earch
  • Consultation Services

    Visit the salon, or let the Guru come to you! " In home consult travel fee, $100-$150 depending on location." 

    The Complete (Product Review) Package - $325* 2 hour consultation includes product review, hair styling and makeup application.

    Product Review - $265* 1.5-2 hour consultation intended exclusively for sorting through personal care products. Styling and makeup application not included.

    Shopping Trip - $150 per hour.

    See above for beauty party pricing.

    *Receive $50 OFF in-salon consults (complete package or product review) and parties.

    The Guru is also available for speaking engagements. Please call for additional information.


    It’s a busy, busy world, and like you, I’ve got a schedule to keep, as well as other clients wanting service.  If you can’t make an appointment; be a doll or a gentleman, and give me at least 48 hours’ notice, please. Anything less than a 24 hour notice for a cancellation is challenging to fill, so the same charges as no shows will apply.

    No shows are a no go!  That’s just common courtesy… wouldn’t you agree? This is my livelihood and if you don’t show up, I can’t fill that space, and my bill paying power is compromised! If you no show and don’t call, I’ll need a credit card before scheduling your next appointment. You will be charged half of your appointment cost for 1st time offenses, and any future missed appointments will need to be paid in full.