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    Look #1: Parted Side Braid

    1. Part your hair to the side, and ensure the parting is deep and dramatic in order to get the full effect of the look.
    2. Create a braid on the side of your head where the part is – you’re welcome to do the braid of your preference. In this video, India opts for a 2-strand braid however, a french braid, dutch braid, or fishtail braid are all great options.
      To create a 2-strand braid, all you have to do is grab a section of hair at the roots, and part it into two separate strands. Then, twist the two pieces tightly over each other. Once twisted, grab a small section of hair from beside the braid and add it into the twist. Repeat these steps all the way down the strands and secure the braid with a hair elastic.
    3. Wrap your braid along the back of your head and bobby pin it into place to finalize the look.

    Look #2: Half Up-Do Ponytail

    1. Place your thumbs directly above the tops of your ears, and part your hair evenly towards the middle-back of your head to create your half up-do.
    2. Secure the hair with a hair elastic and pull the elastic tight to achieve more volume in the ponytail.
    3. Accessorize the look with festive clips or bands – whatever you like!
    4. To create more volume in your ponytail, secure a clip to the base of your ponytail in the back so that it remains hidden.

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