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    Going blonde, especially if you are naturally dark haired, can also cause a lot of damage to your strands if you do not know the proper way to care for it. Going blonde should never equate to getting more damage on your hair. Therefore, here are a few reminders to keep your blonde in tip-top shape.

    Weak Hair Strands
    This is a serious concern for any woman going blonde. It is therefore important to get a protein treatment prior to your salon appointment for a blonde hair colour treatment. Choose a protein treatment that balances the pH level in your hair and protects the bonds. This will help keep your har fibres strong and reduce the possibility of hair breakage.

    Hair Colour Dullness
    The shine and gloss that you get on your hair upon getting a new hair colour is part of the allure of getting colour treatment in the first place. The same is true for those who are going blonde. To prevent your hair looking dull post-colour, you need to treat your hair prior to your colouring treatment

    Poor Scalp Health
    The process of lightening your hair in order to go blonde can have tough consequences on your scalp health. Thankfully, there are several products out there you can use to restore the health of your scalp. This will enable your scalp to produce healthy amount of natural oil to give natural shine to your blonde hair.

    Brassy Hair
    This is one of the biggest problems faced by women going blonde. However, there is nothing attractive about brassy blonde. You need to use colour-correcting shampoos and hair care products designed to combat the effect of brassiness in your blonde hair.

    Dry Hair
    Last but not the least, dryness is another consequence of going blonde. But you do not have to live with it. It is closely associated with dullness of hair because these two usually go together. When your hair is dry, the colour appears dull too. By fixing dry hair, you can restore dullness and bring your hair back to life.

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