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    Step 1: Brush Hair From The Bottom Up
    Before washing your hair, make sure to brush it out to get rid of any tangles. Always brush your hair from the bottom up, little by little, to avoid any breakage or hair damage.

    Step 2: Raw Coconut Oil
    A hair beauty secret weapon: Raw Coconut Oil. This is the superpower hair product! It prevents hair breakage, moisturizes the hair, boosts blood circulation, is very rich in nutrients, and also antibacterial. Spread it on your hair where it needs the most attention. Karin focuses on her ends as that’s her problematic area. She recommends doing it in the evening before washing your hair the next morning so it stays on for the whole night while you’re sleeping. However, if you don’t have time, you can also put it on right before you take a shower. If you can, the ideal time for it to stay in your hair before you wash it is 1 hour. Then, finish it off by putting your hair in a bun.

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