• Makeup

  • Put Your Best Face Forward.

    When it comes to makeup we all know the adage less is more, but did you know that some coverage can actually benefit your skin? Imagine walking around all of the time, in all kinds of weather without clothes…. 

    And yes, you can use color in your palette without looking like a streetwalker! Let someone who loves the art of makeup show you how.


  • Makeup

    Treatment Price
    Makeup Application $65
    Makeup Application & Lesson $85-$100
  • Photo Shoot Packages

    Package Price
    Photo Shoot Package (in salon) $125
    Photo shoot Package (on location locally) $175
  • *Package price includes one hair style and one makeup application.  A $125/hr fee applies to additional looks.



    "Avoid warm weather makeup meltdowns!  Choose a mineral powder system - primer, powder and setting spray.  Using all three helps makeup last!"


    It’s a busy, busy world, and like you, I’ve got a schedule to keep, as well as other clients wanting service.  If you can’t make an appointment; be a doll or a gentleman, and give me at least 48 hours’ notice, please. Anything less than a 24 hour notice for a cancellation is challenging to fill, so the same charges as no shows will apply.

    No shows are a no go!  That’s just common courtesy… wouldn’t you agree? This is my livelihood and if you don’t show up, I can’t fill that space, and my bill paying power is compromised! If you no show and don’t call, I’ll need a credit card before scheduling your next appointment. You will be charged half of your appointment cost for 1st time offenses, and any future missed appointments will need to be paid in full.