• hair on brush being blown dry

    Sometimes junk will build up on your hair tools. This is worse if you leave it on your counter when you spray products into your hair (with the over-spray just falling onto the tool) which is basically what I do every day.

    Product build-up can also happen if you are styling your hair with a hot tool and you have product in your hair. It’s somewhat inevitable, but there is a really simple way to wipe it off in order to keep your tools in tip top shape!

    When the iron is cool, simple wipe a cotton ball soaked with a bit of alcohol on the build up. If you have an area that is particularly thick, lay a slightly damp washcloth on top of the problem area shortly after you’ve turned off the tool. The heat that is remaining, and the moisture should loosen it up, and then it should wipe off pretty easily. You can also finish off that area with the alcohol soaked cotton ball.

    A few tips:

    Don’t burn yourself.
    Don’t oversaturate the washcloth nor the cotton ball.
    Test a small area of the tool to make sure you won’t wipe away anything you don’t want to wipe away (like any of the finish/coating on the iron).

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