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    Have you ever gotten your hair dyed, only for your roots to start showing a few weeks later, yet your hair doesn’t seem to look any longer? What about going without a haircut for months, but your hair is still stuck at shoulder length? We understand how frustrating it can be if you’re trying to grow your hair, but it just won’t grow!

    Why doesn’t my hair grow past a certain point, you may be asking? We’re here to tell you why and what you can do to stimulate hair growth for Rapunzel worthy hair.

    Here’s some math for you: hair grows at an average rate of half an inch every month. That means the average person’s hair grows about 6 inches every year.

    If your hair is not receiving enough nutrients and is breaking off at the same rate, guess what? Your hair will stay the same length all year until you change your habits!

    Split Ends
    We’ve all had to deal with split ends, which are literally ends of hair that have split in two, sometimes even three (making them look like little’s trees with branches!), due to the hair not receiving enough nutrients to live a long and healthy life. As a result, the split in the hair goes up higher and higher, resulting in the ends just breaking off. So, although your hair may be growing from the root – simultaneously, it is also breaking off from the bottom, making it seem like your hair is just STUCK at a certain length. How annoying.

    Once split ends occur, it is not possible to undo them. The only thing you can do is cut those suckers off and prevent them in the future. Leaving split ends in your hair will just cause them to split further, leading to more hair breakage, and a vicious cycle of no hair growth.

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